Scala is a new development platform for digital signage content, a versatile platform in their workforce but somewhat limited in its customization however is an excellent platform and then we’ll be talking about this software that will allow us to professionally create ads without many design knowledge.

Scala has different kinds of approach is highly versatile software you can use templates to create ads, which can be adapted to all kinds of business, from a small restaurant to digital billboards for banks.

In Scala we find two major branches of content creation, the first is if we can call it traditional static ads that follow a predetermined order by the person who created the ad, such as a static video is repeated with some frequency.
On the other hand we have more interactive billboards, to which we attach RSS from any social network or web site without any problem.

The main way this works Scala digital signage software is through a variety of templates, which allow us to attach different types of files, as mentioned from a twitter feed, even videos in high resolutions.

Something that also strikes us is that not only may be devoted to the creation of content, but also functions as a media manager, which allows you to manage pathways monitors certain images and other content that different.

No more you will investigate the software because that is essentially what you should know, is excellent for medium businesses, for its versatility and scalability.

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