Outdoor Digital Signage

When choosing an Outdoor Digital Signage we should consider various factors, and in this article we gonna take a look in these important elements.

We must consider two main factors, the first one, the material which should be the most important since the digital signage will be exposed to the weather outside and the second, is the coverage and reception that will have the Digital Signage placed in an outdoor.

Why the material is important for Outdoor Digital Signage?

Well, we should always keep in mind that Digital Signage will be exposed to the sun mostly, sometimes rain and also to dust, all of them are a threat for the display, so, we need, specify to the seller which the lcd be used in the outdoors, They will guide you in your purchase, according to your needs.

The signal in the outdoors

This is an important factor, the reception of our Digital Signage outside it must be excellent and mostly not depend on the product, but instead of installing the LCD.

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