digital signage content softwareThere are lots of software on the market for creating digital signage content, so many that sometimes we do not know which to choose, in order, based on the software we tested,  then we’l provide to you wich we personally have functioned excellently in regard to content creating.

Firstly we must consider that on this occasion we did not take into account those softwares distribution and content, but simply this specific digital signage content creation softwares.

First we have “Digital Signage”, a provider of free software, rather we would call a license “Lite” with which you can test different features and design creation of new content, the interface is friendly and with a wide range of templates which are highly customisables with a graphical interface and no code, not to mention that we can access this platform from our pc with internet through its cloud-based system.

Secondly we have “ADmire” a platform like the above can be accessed from any computer with Internet and, a browser, giving you incredible versatility talking about access, although it is a very simple to use this digital signage content creation software we should not be carried away by the ease in which the interface gives us inquire more thoroughly if we find a Swiss Army Knife of content creation but not with the complexity that the previous platform.

Finally we have BroadSign, a place and we like that we can have accommodation software in the cloud, yet the strong point of this software to create content is undoubtedly the wide range of templates within, which have since the classic bistro menu up for news bulletins, but our favorite part: It’s open source.

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