navori digital signage

Navori offers a wide range of services, its software is based on adapting to a local server, which can be any PC, offering versatility and training services to end users and distributors.

One of the greatest qualities which Navori offered, is not only the software it’s digital billboards offering too, with renowned companies like Samsung offering excellent displays for your business.

Speaking on Digital Signage Software that offers Navori, there are 2 kinds of software, the server and the player.

Player Software

This contains various templates that make creating content easier adding that we can modify those templates in concordance with our necedidades, using resources such as html, tv tuner, RSS or XML, this software can alvergar up to 12 screens simultaneously all this to design our ad.

Server Software

The server uses different categorizations ed from geographically, by channel or by different groups organize, here is where you can manage each of the resources used in the player.

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