digital signage installationIf you’re thinking about buying a new advertising method for your business and you’re thinking about the digital signage, you have to consider before installing a few points, if you consider not end up with a bad digital signage installation, so let’s start see that you have to consider first.

First before moving on to technical issues, we must consider where we will install our ads, and not by space or those technical issues that you might think, but because it is where our customers will see the ads and will be key to close or open a new sale.

For example if you have a restaurant and you want to have a good digital signage installation, you should know that the best place to put it on the walls around the tables, so not only have access to the menu that will deliver on the table, but also different promotions of products you are interested in selling as many being shown in digital gusset.

Another example would be in a clothing store, instead of the classic signs of paper, you could have a digital poster, which advertise these products and want to sell, there is evidence that consumers currently focus more on the property than the which are traditionally made of interactivity because these can give.

Now to the technical data that will make your digital signage installation effective, first remember that we drive digital signage, and depending on the length of the area to be covered should be noted that this price increase, and this is due to longer than most cable or devices need to spread the signal throughout our network and sometimes also need amplifiers.

With respect to digital signage installation, you only have to worry about the budget but also must know that their money will be invested, assuming you already have all the necessary materials, such as screens and video players, the installation will a lower price.

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