What is, and which is the best?

Digital Signage Software

Alright, a Digital Signage is a electronic display that shows something, maybe a menu, information about a place or any kind of advertising.

So, the Digital Signage have increased in recent years, replacing traditional advertising because it has richer content and it can be changed with the correct digital signage software.

Finding a good digital signage software these days is difficult task, because we must take care about if that software meets the following requirements:
* Distribution of content (images, animations, text, etc.)
* Distribution by internet
* Adapting to new platforms
* Flexible user interaction
* Internet Social Resources

This is our list of these signage software:

Is a Digital Signage Software wich provides a 10 day trial this trial and soft it’s only for use it on your own equipment.


Not only a software provider, this companie also provide servers, displays and cloud based software.


A big source for servers with software integrated.


If you need wireless signage this is a good option for your business.


A simple & effective drag and drop pataform.


Only  hardware for 3d Digital Signage advertising.



A versatile companie giving a very good digital signage solutions with servers

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