digital signage hardware

If we want to have a successful digital signage campaign we have to worry about different factors, hardware, market research or software, and we have previously spoken much about the software, but this time we will focus on digital signage hardware, and we will summarize in the next article some important features to select the best hardware to make our campaigns better.

Media Players

There are different ways to convey some sort of media to the displays and the most part of time the basic option is to use a computer as a server to reproduce any video or image, and use media players is more profitable for your pockets in the most of cases.


There are dozens of displays for every occasion but we must take intoaccount for which class of people we will be advertising or if this displays need to be a touch screen one, or a big one for big advertising this depends on your needs, also is important to check the hardware specifications around the device.


Perhaps maybe you can think, what the hell does the word software if we are talking about hardware, but sometimes if we choose a specific software and want to work with it sometimes we need some specific hardware developer that we recommend or failing oblige us to acquire.

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