Cayin tech

Cayin offers a variety of hardware for Digital Signage, among them are the players, servers and software.

Offering players are able to withstand the classic web lenuajes, pictures in 1080p and 720p resolution video, the player offers a variety of translations amplica and templates that allow for a wide variety of designs depending on the market you are going to arrive.

The SMP-WEB4 can be connected to multiple devices from TV tuners, DVD players, cameras and other devices compatible usb similars to digital signages.

This platform is incredibly consistent, allowing the software with his ability to be programmed for touch screen digital signage, adaptability to RS-232, smarthphones and existing servers that provide RSS feeds or weather like another servers.

The platform is incredible and allows us to select the fonts through the server and the integrated software, this is an excellent choice for a low-cost installation and with a friendly interface.

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