Anblick Digital Signage Software

Anblick is a company that offers a wide range of digital signage services, offers not only hardware but also software that is required for this kind of advertising.

The software which Amblick provides  is a multiplatform software, which tells us that it can be used in any class of display screen, the service is geared towards two types of distribution, in a local area network, or over the Internet using their cloud computing based software.

The platform offered is free software based, and the main feature is that it allows us to manage different devices from a single application.

This software allows to categorize all content and sources which allows for greater accessibility and content management, so also enables time-based programming to display different content at different times of the day, using different areas of each screen, allowing a verzatilidad higher on the screen.

The cloud-based application allows us to avoid the use of a central server (if you dont have one) using only an Internet connection to provide content to all digital signs.

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