hp digital signageHP have long since entered the world of digital signage, offering a wide range of products, high quality hardware, and not only that but offering a wide range of opportunities with it, giving us excellent tools for distributing our content on all screens and then, we need to talk about the things we like about the solutions wich HP gives to us.

The HP digital signage offers a short but varied number of players and displays, with different sizes, capacities and specifications, providing unique hardware on the market especially players, lets talk about the hardware in this babies, they come with a graphics chip from AMD (64-bit AMD dual-core processor [2] and Radeon HD [3] 6320 graphics) which ensures we always have outstanding resolution, sharpness and smoothing content without any kind of problems.
And we talk about time, which is within each HP device on the aspect of digital signage offers a wide range of time in which we will not have to upgrade our hardware, because as mentioned in the previous point these players have technology that allows content distribution with a very high resolutions (but limited) to different screens.
HP rp5800 Digital Signage Edition
Let’s talk about this small one, first you can see the entire specifications on this link, and we note that we have a good capacity for transmission of content with a lot of video ports, although the graphics a bit left to be desired, as we note that only we have 512 MB of Video which allows us not scaling to different screens at very high resolutions, or simultaneous HD video rather is focused in menus that show digital billboards or static images that do not require high resolution or be transmitted to different big monitors at once (maybe 4 or more big ones).

At last but no least

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